Russell Brand 16 Years Clean and Sober

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Message of Gratitude – 16 years Clean. THANK YOU. ❤

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Russell Brand is thankful to have been sober for 16 years and recalled how eggshell-fragile his drug addiction left him. The 43-year-old comic has recalled how he reached a low point in his life that saw him sneaking off to use heroin and crack cocaine in friends’ bathrooms. He said in a video uploaded to his social media channels: “I remember being eggshell fragile, this time sixteen years ago. On 12 December, the day before, 2002… Jesus. I’d scored two brown – that’s heroin, two white – that’s crack. It may be a little more, I can’t remember. Just tryna, need to big up my last use, but anyway I remember using it in Camden. I would have been hanging out with my various mates’ houses, none of whom were drug addicts, I was just sort of sneaking off to do drugs in their toilets.”

Well done Mr. Brand, my hat is off to you sir. For some of us, one is too many and a thousand is never enough.

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