Constantia Nek To Kirstenbosch

Constantia Nek To Kirstenbosch Hiking Trails : There’s always been a particular sacred influence linkeded to lengthy hikes. Constantia Nek To Kirstenbosch is a rite of passage embarked on by so many travelers to the Cape Town. These days, the demands of urban area life can make it challenging to find time for an afternoon trek, not to mention a hike in the wild, but the concept of leaving the city behind, walking the wilds by day and settling around the camp fire by night, is as attractive as ever before. Constantia Nek To Kirstenbosch makes the selection of our premier exploring trails in the Western Cape in which youngsters can go through the natural world at it wildest with epic mountain scenery and direct exposure to the fauna and flora that encircles the Western Cape.

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