Community Outreach

Reaching out to those that need us most. Troubled youth with troubled pasts on the verge of entering a criminal lifestyle and permeant incarceration.

Advanced trauma Programme

Developed in Cape Town by international premium addiction recovery services and experts.

Ongoing Support

Mentor programme designed to re-establish role modelling behaviours and foster a nurturing family environment in the seclusion of the African bush.

Life Skills Development

Beating the past and forging the future with a practical skills apprenticeship and learning programme. Valued membership employment and uptake.

Performance Appreciation

Goal setting alongside a supportive valued performance rewards programme.


Capturing moments in nature in digital journeys. Creating artistic connection to nature.

Basic Market Skills

Literacy, numeracy and etiquette and empathy.

Exclusive Private Care

Exclusive addiction treatment programmes operating bespoke treatment models organised around each persons unique life circumstances.

Private Care Rehab

National Relapse Prevention
Nationwide relapse prevention programme designed to assist people with help in locating the best addiction treatment services in South Africa for their specific needs.

RPSA Foundation

Sober Living Network

Find residential sober living homes based across South Africa. Managed by professional sober living community and non-profit foundations.

Sober Living

Online Rehabilitation

International rehab advisory service based in South Africa and referring international clients to South Africas top addiction treatment facilities.

Online Rehab

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Our Mission

To realise a fully established self-reliant community where people are no longer the victims of abuse and the high demand for substances has been diminished, as a result of people being empowered and becoming a part of healthy and fully functional family that in turn supports then  to go on to live with a greater purpose than themselves.

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Wild care implements effective environmental, eco tourism, education & youth programmes in South Africa for people affected by adverse family environments.

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